Get Ready to Dream in Purple Neon with Gore Master Todd Sheets

SRS Cinema is excited to be working with SOV legend Todd Sheets and his latest work, “Dreaming Purple Neon” for an exclusive VHS release.  Todd and SRS both started in the early 90’s, fighting their way thru the shot on video era, and have become longtime friends in the underground scene.  But after all these years, this represents a first ever collaborative release between these indie pioneers!


“THINK YOU’VE SEEN IT ALL? THINK AGAIN! In this sea of “Safe” Horror films directed at teenagers, rated PG or PG-13, finally a movie comes along that not only makes Waves, it brings a Tsunami! A movie with GUTS, and lots of them! A movie that breaks taboos and never plays it safe, that goes right to the edge of the cliff and jumps off! A movie that pushes boundaries and goes for the throat! This is the one people will be talking about in 2016!


Nothing can prepare you for this explosion of horror, gore and action! Dreaming Purple Neon is a refreshing modern horror film that serves up a huge dish of splattery nostalgia! A true love letter to the glory days of horror, when VHS ruled the world and video rental stores populated every corner!

Dallas returns to his small town home to find it has been taken over by a designer drug created by an evil alchemist with one goal: Total destruction of humanity at the hands of a demon Queen and her evil army. It seems the drug turns everyone who uses it into bloodthirsty, violent, rampaging demons! Soon Dallas and his friends are knee deep in bodies, demons and denizens from Hell!!! It is up to this small group to stop the evil forces once and for all!!!”


The VHS is limited to just 30 copies, and presales go live this Friday night 12/9 @ 7pm EST.  They will start shipping approx at the end of Dec.


Don’t wait, this movie won’t last, the first official release of this certain gore-classic!


Dreaming Purple Neon (2016) Red Band Trailer by TrailerWood