“Geek War” Finally Coming to DVD/VHS/VOD this Sept 23rd frm SRS/MVD

Chris Seaver’s “Geek War”, possibly the best feature from the prolific filmmaker, finally reaches the masses this Sept from SRS Cinema and MVD.

“There’s a mysterious VHS tape that dwells in the comic book shop of Deathbone (Billy Garberina), the eccentric barbarian shop owner. Deathbone has priced this tape at $1500, and in 25 years nobody has ever forked over the cash to buy it… that is, until now. Thus begins the Geek War. Two nerds, Max (Kurt Indovina) and Papillion (Josh Suire), fight to claim the tape as their own from the clutches of Tangerine (Raine Brown), a dorky but super hot girl who loves comic books and swooped in and bought the tape before they could. Both sides pull every trick in the book to seduce Tangerine in hopes of grasping the tape and viewing its legendary content. But in the course of trying to win the tape, Max ends up falling for Tangerine, and that is when the REAL trouble begins…”

The DVD for this movie is packed with extras… commentary track, blooper reel, interviews, “The Dorkening” podcast and proposed alternative artwork.

“Geek War” will arrive on DVD and VOD on Sept 23rd.  There will be a limited edition VHS as well, which tentatively will debut at the Scare-A-Con convention on Sept 12th-14th in Verona, NY to coincide with Seaver’s appearance in the “VHS Fest” section of the event.

Meantime, you can reserve your copy now at MVDb2b.com.