“Garden Tool Massacre”, Rare, Unseen Shot on Video Goodness from UK!

SRS Cinema is always excited to bring you a shot on video movie you have never before seen – and this one, “Garden Tool Massacre” delivers all the stuff you love best from 90’s camcorder gore epics!

On the 23rd August 1990, psychopath Charles Scavolini brutally murdered and mutilated his adulterous wife. 7 Years later, after brutally slaying a hospital orderly and a doctor, Scavolini escapes the mental institution and returns to his home. Now occupied by a gang of partying teenagers, Scavolini takes back his property with brutal bloodlust, dispatching each teenager with garden implements.

This is an ULTRA RARE 1990’s SOV movie, never before released in USA, and only a handful of copies direct from filmmaker exist anywhere!

PRE-SALES start Thurs 6/25/20 7pm EST and will show as sold out until then, with copies expected to ship mid to late August 2020. Limited to only 100 Blurays and 25 VHS EVER! Mini-posters are limited to just the first 100 customers in all formats.