Frames of Fear Tunes in Gore and Sleaze for Shot on Video Fans

Brad Twigg has orchestrated an anthology of exploitation and SRS Cinema is excited to bring you a specicial edition advance release of the movie months ahead of the wide release.

Read on, if you dare:

“The midnight hour has arrived. Turn on your TV, lock your windows, bolt your doors, hold your crucifix close and most importantly, say your prayers… for its time for FRAMES OF FEAR, where our groovy ghoul Festering Frank is waiting to tear the scream from your throat!

Gaze on in horror as your eyes and your sanity are assaulted with 6 horrific tales of madness that will send you screaming for the grave! With bloodcurdling tales of psychotic prowlers, wrathful wrestlers, voracious video games, zany zombies and deadly dummies.

FRAMES OF FEAR is a splattery slice of slaughteriffic shot on video horror! A new, unforgettable classick of camcorder carnage! Experience all of this insanity and more in the horror anthology that will scare the soul right out of you! Watch FRAMES OF FEAR if you dare!”

We will be doing a special Thursday night launch of the title at 7pm EST 4/6/17.  The Bluray is limited to just 100 units while the VHS will be set at 25.  Orders are expected to ship early to Mid-May.

WILL SO AS SOLD OUT UNTIL 7PM EST 4/6/17. BD-R professionally run and printed with a silk screen label by Discmakers.