Erotic Gore Brings Madness in “Grand Guignol”

SRS is excited to bring you another haunting artsy erotic horror movie from Davide Pesca, director of “Suffering Bible” and “Dead Butterfly”.

aka Grand Guignol madness.

In Paris, a tourist gets kidnapped by a sadist scientist who plans to make her a test subject for his terrible experiments. Various human fears and obsessions unfold over six segments of pure madness: A sensual camgirl receives a bouquet of roses. but these flowers wither as fast as the beauty of the girl; An ecologist kills anyone who pollutes the planet; During a talent show, three competitors will compete until the brutal end; A bodybuilder takes pills to increase his strength, but these pills pack a surprise; After the various disappointments with relationships, a girl takes her love life into her own hands; and finally, something terrible happens to a supermodel during a photo shoot. Welcome to the Theatre of Pain, Sin, Sexuality and Death, an experience dipped in the atmospheres of 80s gore and erotic, littered with violence, body horror and eroticism

Limited edition, just 50 Blurays will be sold EVER! Presales start Thurs 11/5/20 at 7pm EST with copies expected to ship late Nov. WARNING: OVER 18 ONLY, NOT FOR SQUEAMISH OR FAINT OF HEART.