City of the Vampires Moves to Digital Physical Media for the First Time Ever!

The 1993 rare shot on video (SOV) motion picture “City of the Vampires” lands on Bluray for the first time! Ron (“She Kills”, “House Shark”) Bonk’s directorial debut, starring Matthew Jason Walsh (“Kingdom of the Vampire”), the movie has only ever been released on VHS prior (and copies fetch between $50-$100 each if you can find them).

“A WRONG TURN and Sam Helling found himself lost in the city of Braddock. There he faced a terror so unspeakable that he left his own girlfriend Christine behind, trapped within its clutches.

ONE MONTH LATER, and Sam is on the edge and suicidal. It took just one night and one bad decision to destroy his entire life. Now, with nothing to lose, he is going back. His plan – retrace his steps and search for clues to Christine’s fate. Along the way he will learn who is friend and who is foe, and receive help from an unlikely source. He will be chased through the streets, the residents unwilling to help, and fall within the vampire’s deadly lair itself. And in the end, he will have to face his own fears and disbelief if he is to unlock the mystery of the dead city, and learn what really happened to Christine on that terrible night…

And once he finds her, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!”

Now, Ron has been pretty vocal in disavowing the film. Many things went wrong, and it’s a shadow of the movie he hoped it would be. But regardless, and to Ron’s disbelief, it has built a fan base over the years. And people seek it out, pay top dollar for it, and let Ron know they loved it. So he’s decided to just embrace the flow and let people enjoy it. Tonight, 12/13/18, at 7pm EST, you can pre-order a copy of the movie on limited edition Bluray. Please note this is a presale, with copies expected to ship late Jan 2019.


The movie will feature an all new capture from the original master, and a first ever commentary track. Other extras may be announced. Get you copy now while you still can!