“Blood Rites of the Vampyre” Arrives for 1 Week of Presales Only

SRS is excited to present something different tonight, with a black and white indie horror movie that pays loving homage to early horror with Seb Godin’s “Blood Rites of the Vampyre”.

Driven by nightmarish visions of a ghostly girl, a tormented man accidentally unleashes an ancient vampire on a small community.

A suburban Gothic inspired by German expressionism, the works of Jean Rollin, and the Original ‘Vamp’ herself Theda Bara! A must see for fans of early cinema / silent movies, especially the first horror movies like “Nosferatu”.

LIMITED EDITION – Presales start Thurs 10/15/20 at 7pm EST with copies expected to ship by mid Nov.  PRESALES WILL BE 1 WEEK ONLY, ending on 10/22/20 at 7pm EST, after that sales will cease. So grab yours now before you forget and miss out on it forever!