“Blood of the Tribades” Embraces past Demons on SRS VHS

It’s been awhile since we had a good ole fashion Vampire flick, and what a way to come back to this sub-genre with Michael J. Epstein’s and Sophia Cacciola’s “Blood of the Tribades”.  A festival hit, the movie comes home to VHS like teeth to a pulsating neck vein in our limited edition release.


“2000 years after the great vampire Bathor established the village of Bathory, superstition and religious violence take over as the men and women battle for control. When the men are afflicted with a mysterious illness, they become certain that the vampire women of Bathory are responsible for their ills, and thus, the hunt begins! Long-forgotten lovers Elisabeth and Fantine find that, with the help of those who were banished, it is their fate to piece together the past and help preserve what little of their society remains before Bathor’s impending return and judgment.”


The VHS release is limited to just 30 units, and goes LIVE Friday 2/17 at 7pm EST.  This is the first physical media release of the movie and it is expected to sell out fast, so lock your copy down as soon as it goes LIVE!