Big Box VHS from Sub Rosa Studios

SRS Cinema’s sister company, Sub Rosa Studios, which has been releasing a series of successful limited edition VHS releases, recently launched a series of Big Box style VHS releases. Titles included “The Vicious Sweet”, “Creep”, “Blood Feast”, “The Period”, “The Deadly Spawn”, and “Two Thousand Maniacs”. $37 each plus shipping, and limited to just 100 each, “Blood Feast” has sold out, and “The Deadly Spawn” is down to just a few copies. Even the others are down to 30-50 copies each. These are true big box releases, not 2 pieces that were printed and put together, with the UV coating. They have to be seen to truly appreciate, and will definitely go up in value as they sell out. Swing on by and follow the link to their store and get your big box edition before they are gone for good!