Attack of the Giant Teacher Ready to Ring in the New Year!

SRS Cinema is excited to bring you the independent kaiju comedy Attack of the Giant Teacher from director Yoshikazu Ishii. With recent releases for Raiga and Reigo under our belt, Attack of the Giant Teacher marks the third indie kaiju film to be released by SRS Cinema.

Bluray Art

Kenzo Miyazawa is an earnest teacher who works at a night high school. His class is filled with unique and slightly odd students. Suddenly, the night school witnesses a drop in student numbers and has no choice but to shut down by the end of the year. Mr. Miyazawa’s class decides to create a musical for the school’s last festival. Then, an alien beast invades Earth and begins destroying the town. Mr. Miyazawa challenges the alien beast to a fight. Directed by Ishii Yoshikazu.

PRESALES begin Thurs January 2nd, 2020, with copies expected to start shipping end of Feb 2020. Limited edition, only 300 will be sold on BD-R – however, if we hit 300 copies sold by Jan 16th we will fully replicate this movie. There will also be a limited run of 25 VHS. First 300 copies sold in any format get a free 11×17 poster.