“Amityville Ripper” Indiegogo Launches, “Yule Log” Campaign Ends!

We are LIVE with our latest Indiegogo and newest production with “Woke” director Bobby Canipe Jr., “Amityville Ripper”! 2 horror legends coming together to bring you twice the terror. We did a soft launch Tuesday and immediately went to #1 on Film, now over 250% funded! This campaign is red hot and you can be a part of it. Get on over and grab a perk now and help keep us this trending – https://igg.me/at/50wsuIre5i4/x/489524#/

We’ve also wrapped up another successful campaign with our latest co-production with Polonia Bros Entertainment in the holiday horror, “Yule Log”!

“The woods are alive with evil and monstrous, ancient entities! Two friends take their buddy to a secluded cabin to take his mind off the recent loss of his wife. What they don’t expect is a night of terror after they unknowingly burn wood from a tree that has grown from a mound once used to burn a powerful witch! The cursed timber re-awakens dark spirits and creatures, forcing them, and a stranded woman, to fight for their lives during the Night of Mothers. This Yule Log burns forever, in hell!”

The campaign is now inDemand and production begins at the end of March, so you can still support. Mark has promised me some cool stop-motion monster fx on this one! Grab some acting perks, or exclusive physical media, or even just a special thanks credit – it all helps! Join the fun at https://igg.me/at/yulelog/x/489524#/.