Amityville Backrooms Update - Production Has Wrapped!

4/21/24 update - Good news everyone, production has wrapped and authoring is almost finished. Copies start shipping in approx. 1 month!

Hello there, I'm Ron Bonk, owner of SRS Cinema (an indie production & distribution company now in its 31st+ year). I’m once again working with the cult filmmaker and indie legend Evan Jacobs (the “Death Toilet” series, “Amityville Backpack”, "The Frontrooms") to create our greatest collaboration yet, a mixture of red-hot liminal horror and classic frights, with “Amityville Backrooms”!

After visiting a house in Amityville, Keith (Chris Lohman) finds himself suddenly transported to another realm within the home, with no way to get out. Every door he tries leads him back into the very part of the house that he first found himself in. As he searches for answers he soon realizes that his past inside this cursed dwelling might finally be catching up with him. What ensues is a macabre, time bending tale, which only deepens when his partner, Alex (Mike Hartsfield), goes looking for him. Are these two men separated by liminal space and time? Or are they just two more victims of an urban legend known as the AMITYVILLE BACKROOMS.

This movie is still on Indiegogo at Grab the exclusive physical media while you still can!