"Amityville AI" Tells Us What Should be Our First New Production of 2024


Hello there, I'm Ron Bonk, owner of SRS Cinema (an indie production & distribution company now in its 32nd year). I am working with legendary cult director Matt Jaissle to bring you maybe the craziest Amityville movie yet, one fitting for today’s headlines – “Amityville AI”.

Stuart Birdsall is moving into a new house to finish developing his breakthrough Artificial Intelligence program, VIC 3000. The only problem is that the house is possessed, and now so is his PROGRAM. What began as a technology designed to make our lives easier has transformed into a SATANIC FORCE Hell-bent on making our deaths GHASTLIER. No one is safe from the cybernetic horror of AMITYVILLE A.I.

Matt is planning some awesome surprises for this one, including some cool gore! And if you’ve seen Matt’s other movies, such as the all-time classic “The Necro Files”, you know he can bring the insanity! It’s be scary and fun, with Matt’s own twist on the Amityville lore.


We've set the initial goal at just $1000. This is not the budget of the movie, but it will help us make the movie that much better - plus by setting a low goal, we are hoping to be funded early and get the movie trending! The money raised here will help us bring in talent, order props, create the special effects, and feed/shelter the talent. Matt has great skills when it comes to horror, and a proven track record! This is your chance to not only help him continue his historic filmmaking career, but also get your name billed alongside his. You can be listed in the credits for a "special thanks" all the way on up to top billing as an executive producer – your name alongside the legend! You can also take advantage of some campaign specific perks, such as our mini-posters and t-shirts, or try your hand at some acting with our "voice in movie" or "authority/newscaster" perks. And you can even cross promote your own efforts - grab our podcast perk and introduce viewers to your show!

Every penny helps, so even if we don't hit our goal, the money will go towards making the movie that much more entertaining for you.

Matt has a long and storied history in this industry, starting back in the shot on analog video days. And he hasn’t slowed down yet. This is our first time working with him as a producer, but we don’t plan for it to be the last. I've produced many movies, and many more with other filmmakers, and I have a reputation of getting these projects delivered and out into the market, and my prior campaigns have rave reviews. Between the two of us, we will deliver beyond expectations. Stop investing in filmmakers who never get their movies done - THIS WILL GET DONE AND QUICKLY! And being involved with SRS means exposure - You can watch our movies all over the world - North America, Japan, across Europe, South America and more - VOD on the biggest outlets (iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, etc), physical media on Blu-ray, DVD and even VHS, and on the shelves of the biggest retailers around (Walmart, Best Buy and more). Your support helps us get the movie done, and you in turn get your name in the movie for fans everywhere to see your dedication, support and love.

Again, I have a reputation for finishing movies and getting them out. This is not another campaign where you invest and the movie disappears - IT WILL GET MADE AND RELEASED!

Like I said, every $ helps, but if you can't contribute, you can still help. PLEASE spread the word - send it out to friends and fellow film lovers who you think might want to grab a perk, share on all your social media (see the Indiegogo sharing tools for help), talk it up weekly, even daily. Share your excitement - this is truly the best PR and the best way to make a project go viral - when the fans speak up and let others know this is a movie they can't wait to see.

Thank you, stay well out there, and watch/support something different today!