All Sorts of Goodies Available Now from SRS/Sub Rosa

It’s been a good winter so far for b-movie and underground movie fans! SRS has launched a series of interesting and fun projects over the last few months, appealing to fans both old and new.

Over the past few months, SRS’s DVD line has put up a re-release of Scooter McCrae’s classic Shot On Video zombie flick “Shatter Dead“. Sales have been strong and steady for this cult hit. Shortly before Christmas, we unleashed the 4th movie in Tim Ritter’s “Truth or Dare” series, “Deadly Dares“. The title has been consistently sold out on and reviews have been strong from critics and fans alike! And coming in February 2013, we bring you Chris Seaver’s latest craziness “Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek“. This is the prolific filmmaker’s first venture into HD filmmaking and the movie looks great, while overflowing the usual brand of Seaver humor his fan’s have come to know and love!

Twisted Illusions
SRS also relaunched it’s much beloved but long dormant Sub Rosa Studios label with a pair of limited edition VHS/DVD combo packs. The premiere release was Tim Ritter’s first flick, the super 8mm “Day of the Reaper“, which sold out in about 4 days. On 1/2/2013 we launched the second release, also from Tim, “Twisted Illusions: Ultimate Edition“, a compilation of Tim’s original SOV anthology plus the sequel made over 20 years later! TI:UE is selling faster than DOR so far, and we’re expecting it to sell out within the next day or so!

American Gore Stories

And we have more exciting stuff to come. On the horizon from SRS are 2 limited edition 5 pack bricks under the “American Gore Stories” Banner. Each pack will have 5 classics from SRS, in full DVD form, all packaged in a neat gift set wrap around. We also have Chris Seaver’s “Geek War” coming out soon, and editing continues on Ron Bonk’s ode to Grindhouse cinema “She Kills“. Ron has several scripts in development, including a joint venture with Tim that should be in production before the summer.

Sub Rosa has more limited edition VHS/DVD releases planned. We have Ross Marshall’s long unavailable “Unnaturally Born Killers” being prepped for a mid-January release. We also have Tim Ritter’s “Truth or Dare” coming out on a special edition early Feb. Then after that we have cult filmmaker Brad Sykes’ first feature, the SOV classic “the Pact” out around mid-Feb. Beyond that, we have a few surprises that should be in soon that we will be announcing, and we have a catalog of old titles just kicking around that need new releases. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff here!

2013 looks great for SRS and for fans of underground cinema… and we all here at SRS thank you for the continued love and support!