Visions of Filth - The Jason Impey Collection
Visions of Filth - The Jason Impey Collection

Visions of Filth - The Jason Impey Collection

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Prolific but underseen, at least in North America, Jason Impey has turned out a steady stream of nightmares and sleaze since 1994. Now, for the first time anywhere, we present 10 of his features on one release, culminating in his latest disturbing work, “Visions of Filth”.

Fluid Boy - And actresses’ audition for a zombie flick goes horribly wrong when she falls into the hands of two deranged filmmakers, who disagree on how to make a true snuff film! Tentative Extras - Commentary, Multiple Versions, Trailer, “Snuff Film” Short.

Home Made - Follow Jack Hess, the most controversial filmmaker ever known to mankind as he battles to make the ultimate snuff film. When he is finally caught with help from a victims boyfriend he tells all that makes him tick. But he has a poor, sweet, innocent girl and a half dead man locked away being watched by one of his perverted cameras. Tentative Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailers, Music Video, Making Of. 

Home Made 2: The Footage - One victim after another suffers at the hands of the demented filmmaker Jack Hess. Home Made 2 follows on from the first one, but this time the footage from the notorious Jack Hess has been discovered, and for the first time ever uncut you are about to see the infamous snuff films he created over the past few years to make the ultimate sicko movie! Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailer, “Cut Paste” 1 & 2 Shorts.

Psychopaths - The definitive version of Jason Impey's tale following two escaped convicts who kidnap a female hostage to abuse and use as an object to get away from the two corrupt cops on their case. Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailers, Behind-the-Scenes, Making Of’s, “Sex Slave” Intro and Adult Short.

Sick Bastard - When a madman escapes an asylum and has to fight his own demons to come to terms with his past, things can only get brutal! This madman has a hatred for life and his own demented world. He will take his anger out on anyone who crosses his path. Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailer, Gag Reel, Making Of, Old Intro, Short Version, Bonus feature film “Woods of Terror”.

Snuffology - A different kind of snuff film, following the sleazy exploits of a deranged filmmaker. Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailer, Behind the Scenes, “Inner Voices” Short.

Troubled - Troubled is a unique film that is shot in the vein of dogme 95 mixing with grindhouse. This film premiered at Cine World Milton Keynes in September 2007. Troubled tells the story of Freddy and Fanny Salmon, a brother and sister both with mental disabilities. Freddy suffers an extreme case of OCD as well as other issues in which Fanny looks after him. But she has a dark side, a temper that is growing out of control, and her caring with Freddy turns into an obsessive incest relationship in which Freddy is stuck in, will he be able to escape his deranged sister with help from his friends? Enter the world of mental illness at is most controversial side. Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailer, Gag Reel, Comedy Sketch, Interviews, Discussions.

The Turning - A deadly affair leads to a brutal murder which takes Dillon and Stacy into an evil world of the undead. Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailer, Making Of, “The Turning” Short.

VIPCO: The Untold Story - The history of the infamous and beloved old UK home video label from the man himself, Michael Lee, appearing for the first time ever on camera to tell his story. VIPCO brought many bizarre and horror released titles to the UK shores in the 80s on home video, who ended up getting caught up in the video nasty scandal. They returned bigger than ever in the 90s with the launch of DVD. Tentative Extras - Trailer, “Revenge of the Dead” Short, Uncut Interview, Alt Cut.

Visions Of Filth -  A dying man relives his past crimes in his last few days. His final act of depravity is coming back to haunt him on his death bed. This is the full uncut controversial taboo indie film of 2021. Tentative Extras - Commentary, Trailers, Behind the Scenes, Digest Master.

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