Vampire Cop Bluray

Vampire Cop Bluray

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It's not easy being a cop. Especially when you're a VAMPIRE COP like Officer Lucas (Ed Cannon). But with the city in the grip of a psycho drug kingpin, it's time to pull out all the stops and TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME! But now beautiful reporter Melanie Roberts ( Melissa Moore) is onto Lucas' little secret. Will she expose him. . . or help him crack the biggest crime caper since Al Capone? Soon the streets are running red with stone dead hookers and bone dry mobsters -all with two little bites on their neck. Will Melanie be next? Or is Lucas ready to make the ultimate vampire's sacrifice to save her. VAMPIRE COP was filmed in Florida and Georgia over 1989 and 1990 by writer/director and b-movie legend Donald Farmer -The creator of CANNIBAL HOOKERS, SCREAM DREAM and SHARK EXORCIST. Co-starring Mal Arnold from BLOOD FEAST and RAY MCKINNON from OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU...

Here's some quotes from Joe Bob Brigg' s 1990 review of VAMPIRE COP.
-"Drive-In Academy Award nomination for Melissa Moore for ripping off her blouse at every opportunity!"
-"This flick is wall-to-wall nekkid women!"
-"Twelve breasts. Twelve dead bodies. Multiple neck fanging. Double vampire sex in a bathtub! Joe Bob says check it out!"

Limited edition, only 100 will be sold.

Professional run and silk-screened BD-R from Discmakers, will show as sold out until it goes live 7pm EST on Fri 1/20. Ships end of 3rd to last week of Feb.