Screaming for Sanity /Wicked Games 2 Pack Bluray

Screaming for Sanity /Wicked Games 2 Pack Bluray

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Detective Gary discovers that his wife is having an affair. Despondent, he drinks and discusses his problem with friend Dan, a police detective. When someone in a copper mask begins slaughtering people connected to Gary's life, Dan begins suspecting Gary, whose cousin Mike had a similar slip of the gears. Dan discusses the case with eminent psychiatrist Dr. Siedow, who has a few sexually slipped gears of his own. Together they try to stop the fiend before more people are killed. The sequel to the original cult classic "Truth or Dare!" on Bluray for the first time ever!

We have some scoop on the potential extras for the 2 new Blurays:
-Scream Queen and Cosplay Artist Michelle Macabre revisits the making of Wicked Games!
-And same thing for SFS- Scream Queen and Cosplay Artist Michelle Macabre revisits the making of SCREAMING FOR SANITY!
ā€“ All new commentaries from director Tim Ritter for both movies.

The cult classic TRUTH OR DARE series moves forward again in SCREAMING FOR SANITY: TRUTH OR DARE 3, a demented story of double crosses, guilt, sin and bloody retaliation. A Coppermasked Madman wreaks vengeance again in Sunnyville, Florida, brutally butchering individuals he believes are profiting off of serial killer Mike Strauber's fame. Amidst the carnage and gore, tormented Dan Hess (Joel D. Wynkoop) is close to unmasking the madman ... and the blood splattered conclusion with send you SCREAMING FOR SANITY!!!

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