Ozploitation Massacre VHS - YOU PICK THE MOVIE

Ozploitation Massacre VHS - YOU PICK THE MOVIE

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You can pick either Nathan's latest, most accomplished work "Tomboys" or his first feature, the 1993 lost SOV flick "The Hidden". Please note in comments when you submit your order which title you want - both will have this same artwork, only the vhs label will be different. Thanks!


A mysterious beast that lives in the storm drains beneath the city begins to hunt and feed on a drug cartel.

From 1993, shot on Video8, rare scene shot on video awesomeness! For Michael Wilcott suicide would be a great solution to his problems. His parents were killed in a plane crash, and now his brother has been murdered. But instead of taking his own life he decides to seek and destroy the man responsible for his brother's death and gain retribution. But little does he know that the one he seeks, is the only person that can help him fulfill his destiny and uncover the rumors behind - the Hidden.


Five girls kidnap a serial rapist to seek revenge.

This suspenseful horror tells the tragic story of Kat, a victim of repeated sexual assault. Having been failed by a corrupt system, she takes the law into her own hands. Kat and her gang of Tomboys kidnap the serial rapist to seek their revenge. As events unfold, the situation quickly spirals out of control. The question is... how far will they go?

Goes live 7pm EST on Thurs 8/10/17. Presales, this will ship mid-late Sept.