Milano Effect, The, Blu-ray

Milano Effect, The, Blu-ray

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After being retired without benefits, former NASA engineer Jerry Milano and two of his associates are hired by the NSA to build a small satellite to watch over the Earth's climate. They soon realize that the satellite is being used to target certain people, with the satellite sending out EMP signals that kill them instantly and leave no trace of foul play. Fearing for his life, Jerry becomes a part of the witness protection program, as he and his associates going to hiding. Only two days before the hearing to bring charges against NSA director Philip Lang, drastic measures are taken and the case is surprisingly closed, leaving Jerry on the run. He can only confide in the one person that can protect him, his handler US Marshal David Soto. Not knowing who to trust, David enlists the help of a few friends; Skittles, a hacker for hire who's the best at what he does; Natasha, a close friend and investigative reporter; and MI6 Agent Omar Hassan. Now, David must do whatever it takes to keep Jerry alive the next 48 hours and get him to the courts to testify, doing whatever it takes to bring down Philip Lang once and for all.

-English Captions
-SRS Trailers

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