Meat Market DVD

Meat Market DVD

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From the depths of HELL they have returned to walk the EARTH! Two ex-security agents discover what may be the real cause of what the TV news reports as animal attacks. Argenta (Claire Westby) and Shahrokh (Paul Pedrosa) are former employees of a company they knew to be conducting bizarre medical experiments. What has resulted are not animal attacks, but attacks by humans - turned into vicious, decomposing, cannibalistic zombies. Their efforts to stem the violence in vain, hunted by the authorities, Shahrokh and Argenta escape the city just as it is engulfed by chaos. Their only hope lies in finding and organizing the few remaining survivors. What they find - three vampire women armed with high-tech weaponry, a deranged & washed-up Mexican wrestler, a wounded soldier, and a scientist who may know more than he lets on - offer more questions than answers. These few must band together to defeat the hordes of the undead before they are themselves consumed by the new order, the MEAT MARKET? Contains Cannibalism, gore and more!

-named "Underground Film of the Year, 2001" by
-official selection (trailer) at the 2001 Zombiedance film fest in Austin Texas
-official selection at the 2001 Halloween Film Festival, Stuttgart Germany


"...this is a great ride." -- GOREZONE.NET - None So Vile Magazine

"Like DAWN OF THE DEAD, MEAT MARKET uses a devilish sense of humor to ask very human questions." --

"This is a great low budget Canadian-lensed zombie rampage from Frontline Films." --

"Viva Meat Market!" -- Jay Slater, of The Darkside Magazine