Low Down Dirty Cop 1&2 VHS Set 2 Tape  Set

Low Down Dirty Cop 1&2 VHS Set 2 Tape Set

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2 VHS set Clam shells, "Dirty Cop No Donut 1&2" - DARE TO WITNESS REALITY TV GONE BAD! DIRTY COP NO DONUT follows a police officer on the beat and his nightly routine. Things get out of control when patrolman Gus Kimble (aka Officer Friendly) decides to mug it up for the camera, showing off his dark side. Using his badge as a ticket for debauchery, no one is safe from Officer Friendly's wrath, including hookers, drug dealers, sex offenders, partying teens, drunk drivers, pawn shop owners, stewbums, and abusive husbands. You'll cheer as this underdog cop takes the law into his own hands and slugs out his own brand of justice to each and every perp that crosses his path. Dare to witness this true-crime shockumentary in the style of COPS. Is it real? You decide! Just keep repeating...it's only a video, only a video, only a video...