Day of the Reaper VHS Clam Shell

Day of the Reaper VHS Clam Shell

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Five women on vacation are stalked by a hooded cannibal killer in the town of Sunnyville Florida. Tim Ritter's first flick, shot on super 8mm when he was a teen, given a 2k transfer from the original film negs.

This is a first release of the HD transfer on VHS. Our highly collectible "Day of the Reaper" Bluray release fetches between $50-$150 a unit on site like Ebay. It will be limited to just 25 units, and is from the HD transfer from the original Super-8mm film stock.

Goes up for sale @ approx 7pm EST thurs 11/2/17. Will show as sold out till then. Expected to ship mid to late Dec 2017.

Here's the original trailer prior to the HD transfer: