Cut Up VHS

Cut Up VHS

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Carl Roman is a police photographer who left his position as a homicide detective after the accidental killing of an eight year old girl while investigating a serial killer. Now, four years later, another series of similar murders have surfaced in the city of New Orleans, and Carl's friend and former partner convinces him to join in as a detective on the case.

Together they begin to unravel the mystery of this new, prolific killer. The detectives use the bizarre messages found at the crime scene to piece together a psychological profile of the killer.

As Carl gets close to cracking the case, the trauma of his earlier accidental murder weighs heavily on his shoulders. He grows more and more tense as vivid dreams slowly distort his concept of reality, putting the case in jeopardy. When all signs point to the killer's identity, Carl searches deep inside himself to overcome his own worst nightmare...