Grim Places DVD

Grim Places DVD

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Grim Places is 3 horrific tales from Jason Impey featuring lust, deceit & murder.

Lustful Desires
This tale is a journey into the mind of Freddi, a comple x troubled soul dealing with his mental issues while unintentionally dragging Lustful - a call girl into his spiraling out of control world, in which sexual desires are pushed to the limit and beyond.

Poison lover
Mina is suffering a mysterious illness while her husband Jonathan tries his best to look after her, or is he? Not all is what it seems in this dried up marriage, and Jonathan may have just reached breaking point!

Jack Hess is a frustrated and depressed filmmaker who has tried to make many erotic and hard core films with no results to show for it. He now pushes his filmmaking into a much darker place as he embarks on making snuff movies, a new low for Hess in which he crosses a line in which there is no going back!

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