Channel 13 DVD SIGNED

Channel 13 DVD SIGNED

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Channel 13 is a horror anthology film harken back to the mid 70's and 80's, inspired by Amicus productions and Creepshow. This Polonia Bros. film was shot in 1987 and was never finished, lost for nearly 30 years. Painstakingly reconstructed from the original elements, it is available now in all it's SOV glory. Witness 3 tales, told by a hooded monk on the titular Channel 13. A video game geek returns from some arcade fun to watch movies on tv and can only get reception on 13. He views tales of decadence and horror, containing killer scarecrows, monster birds, and cannibal spaghetti farm owners! This slice of SOV history has to be seen to be believed. Watch if you dare! DVD-R (all DVD-R's are professionally pressed and silk screened by Discmakers). , SHIPPING NOW Limited Edition, Only 100 Will be Sold

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