Carl J. Sukenick's Space Psychos VHS

Carl J. Sukenick's Space Psychos VHS

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"Carl J. Sukenick seeks revenge in his horror thriller. After the assassination of his sister, he is forced to find and kill the aliens and terrorists who did it.

From the twisted mind of bad b-movie master Carl J. Sukenick comes this lost feature from his earliest filmmaking days. If you haven't seen a Carl J. Sukenick feature and you're a fan of "really bad yet bizarrely entertaining cinema", then you are definitely missing something in your life - you WILL become a fan. And hey it includes Joe Franklin of all people... yes, noted TV and Radio host Joe Franklin!!!"

Limited to just 30 units ever. This will be the only release of the movie in it's current, original form. WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL END OF AUGUST OR EARLY SEPT. We can not cancel orders for any reason including delays in shipment.

GOES LIVE WEDS 8/3/16 @ 7pm EST and will show as sold out till then.