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"The Frontrooms" Indiegogo is now shipping.

"31 Kills of Halloween", is coming soon.

Kaiju Shark? Sign me up at

A podcaster trails a serial killer and gets too close

A man no clips into another reality as classic horror
meets new terrors in "Amityville Backrooms", now
shipping on Indiegogo!

The horror goes online in our first production of
2024! Grab your perk here

"Night of the Strangers" on Indiegogo

"The Final Possession" Now on Indiegogo


"Yuzo: Biggest Battle in Tokyo" starts shipping
next week
Grab it here.

The February titles comes to Blu-ray pre-sales in
February! The line-up includes "Liverleaf",
"Battle Legends: The Legend of the Battle Master"
and "Countrycide".
Read all about them here!

The SRS Cinema March Blu-ray are up for Pre-Sale.
Jackass inspired "Flesh Games" and cult classic "Easter Sunday"
Reserve your copies today, very limited!

The April Pre-Sales Blu-rays!

The May Blu-ray Pre-Sales!